memorial portraits

A great way to remember your pets.


Our customer had paid for a photoshoot of Jack on his most recent birthday before he passed. This was a perfect start, as professional photos are always really easy to work with due to them being well lit, and high resolution. 

The plan for this portrait was to take the image and posture of Jack, and create a poster in our minimalist style; but they had requested he wear a crown, due to his nickname being ‘King Jack’. Of course, we obliged, and got straight to work. 

styling jack

For this style of portrait, Photoshop is our weapon of choice. Using a variety of design techniques, filters and overlays, we are able to re-create Jack, in the exact pose, but styled in a cartoon way. This is shaping up to be a great Pet Memorial!  


One of the most important things to get right with our portraits is the colouring. We want our pet portraits, to be as accurate to your pet as possible. However, on all our works, including pet portraits, pet memorials, custom phone cases and pet gifts, we like to bolden the colours. This makes for a much more vibrant print and finished portrait.

Below is what Jack looked like once we had retouched his portrait, and added some shadowing and finishing touches to his eyes and fur. What a handsome pup! 


crowning the king

The final touch on this pet memorial, was to crown Jack. We had found a variety of crown styles, and our customer picked one they thought was best. We re-touched it to fit the colouring of Jack, so the lighting would match. Now he had his crown, his portrait was done. 

Our pet memorial portraits are a great gift for those who have lost their pets. Horse portraits, pet portraits, dog portraits, cat portraits, memorial gifts, memorial phone cases; we offer it all, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.